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Protect the Cylinder valve and the people who use them.

The elimination of the repetitive costs associated with the use of cylinder caps is one of the biggest advantages to using the Weldcoa valve guards. It's a one-time purchase because once the guard is attached to a cylinder it is not removed again until re-test. In some cases the valve guard is never removed for the life of the cylinder.

Features & Benefits

  • Fill plants save thousands in labor savings by simply eliminating
    the repetitive labor of screwing cylinder caps on and off
  • Valve guards are safer than cylinder caps
  • Valve guards have undergone exhaustive internal testing
  • Meets DOT requirements
  • Superior hand tight connectors
  • Can be used with all commonly used connectors, nuts, nipples,
    and air tools
  • Permits easy access to the safety
  • Permits access for gloved hands

Valve Guards Have Been Extensively Tested

The valve guard underwent extreme testing by a third party DOT approved lab in order to meet the rigorous European Standard EN 962. Internally Weldcoa tested the units by exceeding the necessary parameters of the test thereby assuring that the valve guard would pass with flying colors.

The valve guard underwent an 8-point drop test whereby it was attached to a cylinder that was full of water and then dropped from a dock height on to a 3/16" thick steel plate on 8 different Valve Guard contact points. The valve had to be in working order upon completion of the test.

We then performed a torque test whereby the unit after having been secured to a cylinder was pneumatically twisted until the valve guard broke off. The amount of pressure necessary to perform this task was well within the prescribed limits.

The last test was a pull test whereby 5500 lbs were attached to a valve guard that was attached to a cylinder hanging upside down. In each case the valve guard exceeded the requirements of the third party DOT approved Lab.

Superior hand tight connectors Easily access the valve safety