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Weldcoa can help you with the most basic of questions. “Help me choose the best lead material for the gas and pressure that I am using.” To the most complex, “What kind of equipment and budget do I need to fill my own EPA Protocols?” Weldcoa is there to help you reach your goals safely, on time and within your budget. We can help you establish budgets, manufacture or source the equipment you need. We can install it, train your people and support the long-term maintenance of our products.

Someone at Weldcoa has done an excellent job hiring and training people with an emphasis on customer service. It doesn’t matter whether we’re working with an engineer, technician or office person about an invoice or shipment, their customer service makes Weldcoa the perfect partner to support our growth.

Mike Zeilman

Operations/Sales Manager, Decatur Site for S.J. Smith Company

Purchasing a Weldcoa product opens the door for you to access our deep bench of seasoned industry experts. Our experts spent years in the field dealing with the exact same issues that you are facing today. Having problems with a pump, a valve, bulk tank? Become a Weldcoa client and gain access to our knowledgeable team.


Contact Us TODAY

Contact Us Today


Phone: 1(630) 806-2000
Fax: 1(630) 806-2001


Weldcoa's main administrative office and manufacturing facility is located at:

335 East Sullivan Road, Aurora, Illinois 60505 USA


Weldcoa's automation and Precision Specialty Gas Products lab facility is located at:

338 East Sullivan Road, Aurora, Illinois 60505 USA

(The 338 East Sullivan location is where most of our training classes and hosted seminars are located)

335 East Sullivan Road
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