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New Lead Selector Tool designed for both charging and discharging leads selection

Configure My Lead


Having the proper lead for the proper application is a huge safety concern that is commonly overlooked in our industry today

Configure My Lead


Reduce internal time and efforts to determine valid, safe configurations and easily request a quote

Configure My Lead
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Configure My Lead


how it works

1. Click on the "Configure My Lead" button to get started. The configurator will walk you through a series of simple choices to quickly get to a part number along with a digital respresentations

2. An email is automatically sent to Weldcoa containing all the information you recently selected. The Weldcoa team quickly responds back with an official quote and lead time.

3. You now have the information needed to make a purchase if desired. 



Free Lead Configurator Tool is now Available 24/7 

The industry's most elaborate, in-depth lead configurator for both charging and discharging flexible leads (pigtails) is now available!

This new on-line selection guide is a software tool intended to provide some guidance for high pressure gas lead (hose/pigtail) selection based on cylinder application, pressure, safety measures and medium. This particular configurator will not allow you to configure a lead that is deemed unsafe or does not exist.

Features and Benefits

  • This Lead Selector tool is unique in the industry for it was designed for both charging and discharging leads selection. Having the proper lead for the proper application is a huge safety concern that is, unfortunately, commonly overlooked.

    • Charging leads would be typically be for your cylinder filling applications

    • Discharging leads would be for applications that include distribution of gas from a full cylinder.

  • Designed to dynamically guide the user through the configuration process, making it as quick, simple and easy of a process as possible. 

    • 24/7 worldwide access to up-to-date product information

    • Is hand-held mobile device friendly

    • Reduce internal time and efforts to determine valid, safe configurations and easily generate quotes

    • Quality improvements in customer service product support and response time

  • Increase your confidence and ease of mind. Systems of rules ensure avoidance of wrong and/or unsafe combinations, which inevitably lead to unpleasant surprises. This simplifies the selection process.

    • Visual representation of lead dynamically shown as the lead parameters are chosen

    • Extensive decision logic (including product data and safety rules) have defined by several industry experts

    • Error elimination throughout the ordering and quoting process

  • Weldcoa has strict quality control procedures, ensuring high quality performance
    • Every lead is 100% hydrostatically pressure tested to 1.5 times the MAWP and then 100% nitrogen leak tested.
    • Following the pressure test, each assembly is 100% oxygen cleaned, dried, bagged to the highest safety standards including CGA's 4.1 requirements.
    • All Weldcoa's LowPro flexible lead assemblies meet CGA E-9 Section 4.1.6 Effusion Requirements as well
    • Minimum Burst is Four Times Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
    • All of Weldcoa's non-metallic lines flexbile leads are manufactured using a true PTFE post-sintered innercore
    • All Weldcoa leads are Made in the USA

Weldcoa Is Here To Help

For any questions on what is offered or if you have a specialty application, please feel free to contact us at (630) 806-2000 or email us at solutions@weldcoa.com.


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