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Weldcoa works because we’re focused on your success. Since 1968 we’ve engineered solutions, manufactured equipment, and provided uncompromising service to our customers, who use gases in the production of their products.

Succeed Quote from Hector Villarreal, President and Co-Owner of Weldcoa

Everything we do is driven by our motivation to improve your business.

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve safety
  • Increase capacity
  • Increase productivity
  • Maximize uptime
  • Minimize waste
  • Ensure long-term performance
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Maximize ROI

Your customers will value the difference it makes in their business.

  • Consistent mixes
  • Broader offerings
  • Faster turnaround


We’re proven problem solvers with decades of experience and innovation in the gas industry.

Gas cylinders in a gas pallet being loaded on to a truck with a forklift

Our history of innovation has always been driven by the needs of our customers. We began our journey by serving gas distributors over 50 years ago, with the development of our patented palletization system, including filling, storage and transportation. Today it is the most widely used system in North America.

When there was a demand for better gas filling consistency and quality we developed automation solutions. Our patented automation brought additional benefits in the form of greater productivity, reporting and remote monitoring. We are proud to be considered the global leader in gas filling automation.

As new applications for gases in manufacturing began to emerge we met the challenge with specialty gas solutions to deliver on the growing demand in emerging markets. Constant innovation has become our hallmark, one which our customers have grown to depend upon, and so can you.


        Put Our Digital Automation Expertise to Work for You

Man bending  metal in a hydraulic press

We are a US manufacturer that designs, engineers, manufactures, assembles and installs our equipment.

The equipment we built decades ago is still operating today, doing what it was intended to do and more. Clients that made initial investments have continued to engage us in the development of additional solutions to grow their businesses.

Regardless of the scale of the solution we provide, you can expect:

  • Quality manufacturing
  • Performance testing
  • The use of advanced technologies
  • Training and Support
Reinvestment in our own equipment and systems ensures the best for you.

We wouldn’t expect you to invest in us if we weren’t reinvesting in ourselves.  Whether it’s training our people, adding new equipment or upgrading our ERP system, we are constantly improving ourselves in order to provide the best for you.


Neal, Nate, and Bud with Robert Parsons from Holston looking at blue prints

It’s in our nature to be curious. We truly enjoy investigating, learning, developing, testing and creating solutions for any application of gas. Our cross-disciplinary team of experts bring an in-depth knowledge of gases to every project. You can count on their passion and commitment to make your project a success.

We’re with you every step of the way.

  • Gas Systems Consulting and Engineering
  • Equipment Design and Engineering
  • Manufacturing in the USA
  • Equipment Start-Up, Testing and Validation
  • Staff Training
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Long-Term Support

screen shot of Weldco's Gas Masters webinar

Trust us to keep you informed of trends in the field, best practices.              and emerging solutions. 

As a part of our commitment to service excellence and our industry, we host many training courses and seminars as well as contribute to industry publications. Within these contributions  you will gain critical field knowledge on gas equipment operations. Learn first-hand about the “do’s” and “don't’s” to keep your equipment properly maintained and running safely and efficiently.



Put us to work for you. Call 630-806-2000 or email us at solutions@weldcoa.com today.

industry engagement

keeping us in tune with your needs

Our commitment to the industry runs deep. We understand that in order to provide solutions that will make your business perform better we need to not only understand your business, but the industry as a whole. We believe in and share the industry priorities of safety, compliance, education and leadership. And we are driven to constantly contribute to the industry with innovations that have the greatest impact on your success.

We support the efforts of our industries organizations and associations, so our industries will continue to thrive. We are active members and a proud supporters of numerous associations and organizations worldwide.

You can expect our continued involvement in the industry and an ever-growing contribution to our shared future.




Association of Independent Welding Distributors logoThe Association of Independent Welding Distributors (AIWD)


American Welding Society logoThe American Welding Society (AWS)


Compressed Gas Association logoThe Compressed Gas Association (CGA)            


Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative logo

The Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC)


Gas and Welding Distributors Association logo   The Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA)


Messer Distribution Group logo The Messer Distribution Group (MDG)


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The Welding Equipment Manufacturers Committee (WEMCO)                                              


International Oxygen Manufacturers Association LogoThe International Oxygen Manufacturers Association, Inc. (IOMA)




Man machining Weldcoa gas cylinders

Over fifty years ago, Founder Richard Bennett created Weldcoa to support his Gas & Welding Distributorship, Benster Welding. We have been supporting the Cylinder Gas Industry ever since.


Weldcoa creates first American Palletized System in response to overseas distributors entering the US market.


Weldcoa introduces the LowPro Gas Pack. The LowPro was so named due to its noticeably lower center of gravity than competitor products. In time, it becomes the most used gas pack in North America.


Brochure showcasing Weldcoa's innovation of palletized filling systemsWeldcoa designs and manufactures the first Inverted Medical Cylinder Fill Rack in response to their client’s complaints on moisture/ corrosion of the medical cylinders internal walls. Prior to this innovation, all medical cylinders were filled vertically.


Weldcoa begins to manufacture linear and palletized cylinder plants for clients.


Weldcoa designs and manufactures the first Inverted Medical Cylinder Fill Rack in response to their client’s complaints on moisture/ corrosion of the medical cylinders internal walls. Prior to this innovation, all medical cylinders were filled vertically.

Weldcoa's 1995 leadership team on a marketing brochure


Weldcoa begins to manufacture linear and palletized cylinder plants for clients.


Hector Villarreal, Weldcoa’s current President and Co-Owner, joins the Weldcoa Team. Maynard “Bud” Klotz, Weldcoa’s current Vice President and Co-Owner, joins the Weldcoa Team in 1996.


Man filling gas cylinders user a modular palletized filling systemWeldcoa develops and introduces first ever Modular Palletized Fill Facility. Prior to this innovation, all fill plants were built on site. Modular design lowered the cost of the build and the install. It also increased the speed in which a plant could be installed and go-live.Man using a automated filling system for the filling of straight gases


Weldcoa develops, designs, builds and installs its first Automated Filling System for the filling of straight gases. The client, Interstate Welding, likes the system so much that they immediately ask Weldcoa to develop an Automated Mix Gas System. The Mix Gas System is installed several months later at Interstate in Marinette, WI. That system is still fully operational and filling cylinders today.

And that is just the first 30 years!

Our timeline is being updated and more will be posted shortly.

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