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A Solution for the Industry Mixer Issues



Our cylinder inverter won't mar your cylinders like traditional rollers. The cylinders labels stay intact, maintaining quality and safety.



Each Unit is Shipped Assembled, Oxygen Cleaned and Pressure Tested


  • Inverter A
  • Inverter C
  • Inverter D



types available

  • We offer a standard automated 3 or 6-cylinder unit available in either 240 Volt or 480 Volt. Other voltage options are available upon special request.
  • A pneumatically controlled 3 or 6-cylinder model is also available for rated areas. Please note this system does not include the safety light beam features as well as the touchscreen interface.


For Industrial, Medical and Specialty Gas Applications

An Accepted Method Ready For Change

In the industrial and specialty gas industry, the accepted method for ensuring a homogeneous mixture with mixed gas cylinders is to place them on a mechanical roller in the upright position and rotate them into a horizonal position. The cylinder is then agitarted with a spinning action that is reversed periodically during the mixing process.  

While this method has been effective for achieving a homogeneous mixture in a relatively short period of time, it has lead to several problems including deterioration in the appearance of the cylinder and additional costs associated with painting and replacement of damaged labels. Cylinders must also be taken out of service for this process, decreasing available inventory. Cylinder rolling is also an issue with aluminum cylinders (used in specialty applications) becasue appearance and and contamination are a significant risk.

 A Solution for the Industry Mixer Issues

Our six-cylinder platform system allows cylinders to be repeatedly inverted while holding them in a fixed position. The cylinder is placed in an upright position and rests on a hard plastic pad in a V shaped holder with a padded adjustable stop that rests against the cylinder cap. This prevents the cylinder from from being marked by the typical roller bands and eliminating the tearing or marring of the label. 

The inverter uses an air piston to invert the cylinder. Control of the process in accomplished by computer control that allows for the selection of the number of inversion cycles and the length of time the cylinder is held in the inverted and upright position. Electronic eyes are placed in the cylinder path to prevent accidental injury if the operator steps into the inverter mechanism.


Features and Benefits

  • Used for mixing gas mixtures after filling to ensure a homogeneous mixture for the industrial and specialty gas industry
  • 3 or 6 cylinder models are available

  • Automatic model is provided with an operator touchscreen interface for full automatic control of the entire mixing process
  • Durable, powder-coated frame 

  • A pneumatically controlled model is available for rated areas. This system does not include the safety light beam features as well as the touchscreen interface.

  • Loading ramp design creates an easier loading and unloading condition
  • The unit will sound alarms and show an alert of the touchscreen if the emergency stop button is engaged, if there is an issue with the safety light beam in front of the unit or if there is low pressure issue.

  • The time required to effectively mix the gas mixtures on our inverter system is comparable to the roller method. Even at higher concentrations of a dense minor component such as carbon dioxide complete mixing can be obtained within approximately 15 minutes.

  • System is delivered assembled, oxygen cleaned, pressure tested and ready to go. Simply uncrate the unit, position it in place, anchor it to the floor and connected it to the existing plumbing.

  • Made in the USA


have a special application?

For any questions on what is offered or if you have a specialty application, please feel free to contact us at (630) 806-2000 or email us at solutions@weldcoa.com.


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