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A New Level of Automation for the Specialty Gas Filling Operation



Provides Analysis as Work Methods to Perform Repetitive Tests



Touchscreen Operator Station is Easy to Use and Operator Friendly


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What is Included:

  • A touchscreen PC operator interface with custom D.L.A. software installed
  • A PLC in a separate electrical control cabinet to control all the valves, timers and sampling functions
  • The PC is mounted onto two Stainless Steel Wall Mounting Panels with all of the sampling equipment and process piping installed and piped.
    • Includes 16 electronically controlled inlets
    • 6 electronically controlled instrument zones:
      • THC Analyzer
        • 8 THC Reference Gases (4 Zero, 4 Span)
      • Percent Oxygen Analyzer
        • Calibration (Zero and Span)
      • Moisture Analyzer
      • Bianary Gas Analyzer (Thermo Conductivity)
        • 2 Reference Gases (Nitrogen & Argon)
      • Trace Oxygen Analyzer
        • Calibration (Span)
      • Extra Analyzer
    • 2 GC Sample Outputs
  • A printer, keyboard and mouse are also included

Additional Add-on features:

  • Remote Manual Sample Racks
    • Sample racks can be either single of double sided
    • Designed, built, oxygen cleaned and pressure tested at Weldcoa before shipment
  • Regulator Stations
    • For sample sources or calibration gases
    • Designed, built, oxygen cleaned and pressure tested at Weldcoa before shipment
  • A variety of Analysers can also be provided by Weldcoa upon request

DLA A 600x700


DLA E 600x700



For Industrial, Medical and Specialty Gas Applications

DLA Digital Lab Assistant Logo_FINAL

The Digital Lab Assistant (DLA) provides a new level of automation for industrial, medical and specialty gas filling analysis. The DLA is a revolutionary system that can be programmed to capture sample and record analyses simultaneously and with certainty.

The D.L.A. software is designed to provide a uniform, consistent analysis on a repetitive basisYou can take 16 samples from all over your fill plant to the lab. Samples can come from your fill island, fill racks, bulk tanks, liquid fills, e-racks, etc. Then you can send those samples to process instruments/analyzers as long as they have an output signal. This system allows you to send two other samples to GC's or alternate instruments as well. Please note, the D.L.A. software  is not designed to monitor or record data from any gas chromatograph.


Features and Benefits

  • Provides uniform, consistent results that increase analyses throughput on a daily basis, in return reducing lab labor cost.

  • Operator friendly which makes it easy to use and to quickly train personnel

  • The D.L.A. can be remotely supported by Weldcoa for any updates, changes, new personnel training or trouble-shooting

  • Provides analysis as work methods to perform repetitive tests

  • System communicates with the process instruments

  • The software has the ability to zero and span instruments with user inputted zero and standard gases that are ultimately stored into the system. 
  • Additional features include the ability to create and edit profiles for the different analysis types and the ability to enter test specifications to provide D.L.A. fail criteria.
  • The system's software also allows for constant N2 purge 24/7 to instruments to keep them in standby mode “ready for use” at all times. This also helps to lower the maintenance on instruments.
  •  Can quickly change from one sample source to another within seconds without upsetting the instruments.
  • Can send a sample to multiple instruments simultaneously to reduce time to perform analysis.

  • Provides means to purge out sample lines prior to sending sample to instrument which reduces the upset to the instrument for a faster analysis response time.
  • The operator can use the D.L.A. in the Manual mode or the Auto mode:

    • Manual Mode gives the user the ability to run one-of tests for quick results that do not calibrate or record any data.

    • In the Auto Mode the software gives the user the ability to program profiles, perform sampling on multiple instruments, and create reports of the entire process.

  • Can set up profiles for commonly performed analysis.

  • The Digital Lab Assistance provides a platform for the filler to enter COA (Certificate of Analysis) data directly into a touchscreen, significantly reducing paperwork handling and time performed doing traditional manual data entry.

  • Captures, records, and can print out results of analysis. This includes being able to print out a COA (Certificate of Analysis). Again this eliminates recording this by hand and keeping files (except for medical gases).

  •  Provides a wide range of Calibration and Record Keeping benefits including: 
    • Captures, records, and can print out calibration of each instrument. Includes documentation of calibration cylinders by serial number.

    • Keeps history and logs of calibrations as opposed to recording this by hand and keeping files (you can be paperless!)

    • Operator screen shows personnel the last time the instrument was calibrated for quick reference.

    • Timers are provided for both the calibration process and analysis.

      • When using zero and span cylinders to calibrate an instrument, a time period can be programmed so it shuts off flow after a period of time. This way a calibration gas can’t accidently go empty.

      • Timers also are used for the proper amount of purging when preparing a sample to be sent to an instrument/s.

  • Each unit is shipped fully assembled and pre-tested.
  • Made in the USA


have a special application?

For any questions on what is offered or if you have a specialty application, please feel free to contact us at (630) 806-2000 or email us at solutions@weldcoa.com.


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