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product testing and cleaning

Weldcoa has strict quality control procedures, ensuring high quality, consistent performance. Quality control methods and meticulous attention to detail throughout the testing and cleaning process ensure that our customers will receive a leak-free lead that will provide years of service. 
Every lead or hose assembly is


√.  100% Hydrostatically pressure tested to 1.5 times the MAWP
√.  100% Nitrogen leak tested
√.  100% Externally cleaned to remove lubricants and debris

√.  100% Internally oxygen cleaned, dried, bagged to the highest safety standards including CGA G-4.1 requirements 
√.  made in the USA


Hydrostatic Test:

Each lead / hose assembly is tested to 1.5x the maximum allowable working pressure using water.

Nitrogen Leak Test:

Each lead/hose assembly is tested to the maximum allowable working pressure, or 3700 psig with Nitrogen to further check for leaks. 

Post Assembly Nitrogen Leak Test:

If the lead/hose assembly is to have non-permanent ends installed (such as elbows, CGA fittings, etc.) it is once again leak checked with Nitrogen to the maximum allowable working pressure, or 3500 psig.

effusion Test for all flexible post-sintered ptfe lined leads:

Three sample per bulk hose lost (beginning, middle and end) are tested per CGA E.9-2017 standard in order to determine and approve the effusion rate of the flexible, post-sintered PTFE tube material.

Flexible Lead in Cross Formation - Focus on Hex


External degreasing: 

Flexible, post-sintered PTFE tube material is hot solvent degreased prior to any further handling or processing.

oxygen cleaning:

100% of the leads and hoses manufactured by Weldcoa are cleaned for oxygen service using environmentally friendly processes. 

Oxygen cleaning is performed with Modern Chemical Blue Gold, using guidelines set forth in the Compressed Gas Association Pamphlet G-4.1 “Cleaning Equipment For Oxygen Service”

1. Leads and hose assembly are internally cleaned prior to assembly.
2. Permanent fittings are cleaned prior to lead/hose assembly.
3. Lead and hose assemblies are internally and externally cleaned after assembly with the permanent fittings.
4. Non-permanent fittings are cleaned prior to attachment to the lead /  hose assembly.

internal rinse:

The inside of the lead / hose is rinsed with 150°F hot ionized water to remove any residue from the cleaning step.


 The lead / hose assembly is dried prior to final assembly and packaging. Vacuum drying to micron levels is available for moisture critical applications.

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Weldcoa has invested over 2 million dollars into our facility and automation within the last two years. We have significantly expanded our lead division production area and training center, added staff and upgraded our equipment automation capabilities and more. If you would like to visit our facility, talk to our team and take a tour, please contact us at sales@weldcoa.com today! 


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For any questions on what is offered or if you have a specialty application, please feel free to contact us at (630) 806-2000 or email us at sales@weldcoa.com 


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