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easy to load, unload and transport

Designed specifically for 12" Acetylene Cylinders


lowpro acetylene series

Easy to load, unload and transport 12" acetylene cylinders. Designed with a low center of gravity, providing greater balance and durability. Cart is available with a (4) cylinder carbon steel manifold option. Compliant with DOT guidelines.

features and benefits

  • Side loading design for easy loading and unloading capabilities
  • Comes standard with four wheels (two fixed and two rotating), allowing the cart to easily be maneuvered and pivoted in multiple directions with ease.

  • Can be fork lifter, craned or rolled.
  • The lasered cut and press brake formed hood on the top of the gas pack provides overhead protection to the cylinders, leads, valves and manifolds from either a crane or a forklift during transit.

  • A crane lifting eye is incorporated into the upright structural tubing

  • Available with or without a manifold assembly

  • The entire manifold assembly, including the leads, are 100% hydrostatically pressure tested to 1.5 times the MAWP, 100% nitrogen leak tested, 100% oxygen cleaned, dried, bagged to the highest safety standards.

  • Made in the USA


Ideal cart option for 12" acetylene cylinders

  • Standard cart design includes a preformed, lasered base accommodating 12” Acetylene cylinders. 
  • Comes standard with Steering Handles for easy maneuvering
  • Additional options such as D-Rings and Brakes on Swivels are also available upon request.
  • Entire cart frame is professionally powder coated to protect from wear, corrosion, impact, and weather.
  • Galvanizing is an available option for high corrosive environments.
  • Compliant with DOT Guidelines

popular cart options (manifolds sold separately)


LowPro Acetylene Series, 4 Cylinder Base for 12" Acetylene Cylinders, Phenolic Wheels with an Industrial Brake.


LowPro Acetylene Series, 4 Cylinder Base for 12" Acetylene Cylinders, Steel Wheels with an Industrial Brake.

popular manifold option


LowPro Acetylene Manifold, 4 Cylinder Carbon Steel Header, Flexible Single Braided Post-Sintered Teflon Lined Leads MAWP 3,600 PSI. Includes individual lead flash arrestors and check valves with hand tights.




have a special application?

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