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Produce SPECIALTY GAS Mixtures From PERCENT Down to PPB Concentrations


Several Technical Options Available to be Customized to Meet Your Specialty Gas Filling Needs


Each Unit is Shipped Assembled, Oxygen Cleaned and Pressure Tested


  • MBC B


Gas types available

  • Oxidizer/Inert Gases
  • Inert Gases (with limited Oxygen 500 PSI or less)
  • Flammable/Inert Gases(Flammable gases as defined by CFR-49. Gases that pose a hazard of ignition when combined with an oxidizer)
  • Reactive/Corrosive and Inert Gases
    (For gases that may react due to other components due to their acidity or alkalinity)

blend panels available

  • For Gases Filled By High Pressure Pumps
    • Requires master shut off valves
    • 1/2" brass pipe or stainless steel tube header
    • Swing arm with CPV type connections
  • For Gases Filled From Gas Storage (banks or single cylinders)
    • Uses diaphragm packless valves
    • 1/4" stainless steel or monel tube header
    • VCR connections for most mechanical joints
Additional options:
  • Source Gas Cylinder Storage Rack
  • Micro-Cylinder for producing ppm components
  • Swing arm for premix cylinders for making diluted mixtures
  • A vacuum pump, stand, and/or vacuum pump starter control box

Our Manual Gravimetric Fill Systems are not intended or designed for blending flammable and oxidizer gases together. These gases MUST be kept separate from any one Manual Gravimetric Fill System otherwise there is a potential for a flash or explosion. The concern is having residual hydrocarbons on valve seats and then having high-pressure oxygen passing through those valves.


For Industrial, Medical and Specialty Gas Applications

Our Manual Blend Cell is a proven Gravimetric Fill System for specialty gas production.  It is designed to produce mixtures, (from up to 17 source gases) from percent down to ppb concentrations. Weldcoa provides a long list of technical options ensuring tha your system is customized to meet your specialy gas filling needs.  Each unit is fully assembled, pre-engineered, oxygen cleaned and tested before it is delivered, making sure there are no leaks in the common piping. Installation is quick and easy. 

Every Manual blend cell System Includes:

  • Powder-coated, custom cabinet (pit or ramp style)
  • Custom Blend Panel with swing arm for up to 9 supply gases
  • 6 or 12 cylinder orbital manifold with pigtails/leads
  • Satrorius high accuracy scale and scale indicator
  • Digital pressure gauge for high pressure readings
  • A compound vacuum gauge for vacuum readings
  • Pirani vacuum gauge for micron readings
  • Typical interconnection piping is orbitally welded with VCR end connections

Safety Features and Benefits

  • Designed to produce mixtures with components from percent down to ppb concentrations from multiple source gases
  • All process piping has been hydrostatically tested to 5250 PSIG to ensure quaility and safety

  • Self-contained cabinet aids in reducing environmental influences to scale

  • Orbital fill head provides equal flow to each cylinder connected to manifold
  • A digital vacuum compond gauge, digital high pressure gauge and digital micron meter are all included for accurate readings 

  • Relief valves are installed for over pressure protection during the fill process

  • All components are orbital welded and mostly VCR connections. (Oxidizer/Inert model has monel tubing with compression fittings)

  • All piping components manufactured by Weldcoa have been cleaned for oxygen service per: PSGP Oxygen Cleaning Procedure #PSMB-O2 CLEAN 

  • All GasFlow manual valves and check valves have been cleaned by GasFlow per CGA G4.1-2009 (practive for cleaning methods and cleanliness levels for material and equipment used in oxygen-enriched enviornments)   

  • Valves are high integrity diaphragm packless type (Oxygen model has mechanically sealed monel/brass)     
  • The entire manifold assembly, including the leads, are 100% hydrostatically pressure tested to 1.5 times the MAWP, 100% nitrogen leak tested, 100% oxygen cleaned, dried, bagged to the highest safety standards. 

  • Installation is quick and easy. System is delivered assembled, oxygen cleaned, pressure tested and ready to go. Simply uncrate the unit, position it in place, anchor it to the floor and connected it to the existing plumbing.
  • Made in the USA 


have a special application?

For any questions on what is offered or if you have a specialty application, please feel free to contact us at (630) 806-2000 or email us at solutions@weldcoa.com.


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From the most basic to the most demanding, we have the products, experience and staff that will support you and your customer’s needs better than anyone in the specialty gas industry.



Weldcoa is a true USA Manufacturer

We are proud to say all of our specialty gas equipment is engineered, designed, programmed, fabricated, wired, assembled and thoroughly tested at our Aurora, Illinois USA facility. 



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Weldcoa continually strives to exceed their customers’ expectations. With our vast amount of experience involved with the litany of documentation required, as well as our unmatched depth of knowledge and technical expertise, it will become quite clear that Weldcoa is the partner you are looking for.