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Limited On Space?

Ideal for a facility that has limited space and/or currently doesn't have a designated lab area


Packaged Lab Sampling Systems

for compressed Gas Labs and Fill FACILITIES

Make the sampling process operator friendly with one of our packaged labs. Each one is designed, manufactured, oxygen cleaned and pressure tested at Weldcoa's facility before we ship them out. This system is ideal for industrial, medical and specialty gas application.

Features and Benefits

Designed specifically to make the sampling process more organized  easy to use  and operator friendly
Packaged Labs A 1920x800
  • Closed piped system eliminates most make and break connections, reducing the possibility of contaminants in the system
  • Each instrument has its own control panel for selecting purge, sample or calibration gases
  • System is designed to keep the instruments ready for use with constant purge when not in use
  • Piping layout allows selection from one sample source to another to be performed within a matter of seconds
  • Allows for sample to simultaneously go to more than one instrument at a time
  • This system does not have data recording capabilities
  • Each unit is shipped fully assembled and pre-tested.
  • Made in the USA



3 Layout Options Available:

Analytical Wall-Mounted System for Lab Room Environments

  • Easy access to instruments
  • A more economical option than the cabinet models
  • A wall-mounted lab can help you showcase a professional look to your customers
  • Organized and professional looking
  • Allows room for expansion

Analytical Cabinet System for Plant Floor Environments

  • Specially equipped with fans, filters and vents to keep the instruments clean and cool
  • A compact, sealed enclosure
  • Ideal for a facility that has limited space and/or currently does not have a designated lab area

Analytical Cabinet System for Lab Room Environments

  • For a climate controlled designated lab area
  • Compact, space saving design

Additonal Add-On Features:

Sample Racks and/or Regulator Stations

  • Sample racks can be either single of double sided
  • Regulator Stations for samples, calibration and support gases
  • Designed, built, oxygen cleaned and pressure tested at Weldcoa before shipment

Push Button Add On Feature

  • For each gas analysis, the Operator will have the ability to manually select the zero, the span and then select the sample source for each instrument via push button interface
  • This function allows the operator to electrically switch a sample source with a push of a button instead of physically disconnecting and reconnecting the line to the desired sample port.
  • The push button feature is what triggers the 16 port selector valve to connect the chosen source to sample source 1 or 2
  • This is a higher integrity system due to 16 port selector valve feature


have a special application?

For any questions on what is offered or if you have a specialty application, please feel free to contact us at (630) 806-2000 or email us at solutions@weldcoa.com.