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Overseeing the many moving parts of any large project can be a challenge. Overseeing a process that has never been performed before can be best described as chaotic control. Weldcoa’s Project Management Team can help minimize headaches and eliminate the unknowns associated with Greenfield Projects, Facility Upgrades, and Equipment Transitions. We have decades of experience helping businesses just like yours make the transition from what was to what will be.


“The first thing Weldcoa did when we brought them onboard to spearhead the project was to concentrate on learning our business. Their project managers spent time understanding how the fill island and other equipment would fit into our business plan. Much more than just selling a system, Weldcoa worked to ensure that our team—and theirs—understood not only what we needed today, but what we would need tomorrow.”

Steve Hodges, Project Manager for B & J Welding Supply, Inc.

“During Phase 1 of the upgrade, we couldn’t afford any downtime; we had to keep the plant running at full capacity to satisfy our customers’ requirements. So, we ran production during the day and installed the new Weldcoa equipment in the evenings. We were able to call Weldcoa for assistance any time day or night, and their support was phenomenal. We knew Weldcoa’s technical team was good, since the Boise location had been using Weldcoa equipment for several years. Their team of experts exceeded all expectations.”

Sonny Knotts, Manager of Operations and Production for Norco, Inc.
“Because of the detailed amount of documentation that Weldcoa generated, we were able to show where the equipment would go, pipe runs, lengths and heights, work flow and how the equipment operated."
Jim Ross, Quality Manager and the Project Manager for Norco, Inc.

Speaking specifically to Weldcoa’s project-management expertise is the significant amount of customization necessary to satisfy project requirements."

Derek Piwonski, Specialty Gas Plant Supervisor/Chemist for Linde North America

The Weldcoa team took ownership of our project from design through training, and even after. They maintain open communication and we continue to have a great relationship with them. This investment will prove to be very good for our company.” 

Scott Wahl, Project Engineer for Tyco

“Three years ago we worked with Weldcoa to palletize our distribution process. The relationship that was started with the Palletization project lead directly to Oxarc choosing Weldcoa for the Fill Plant Upgrades project. They were always very positive and open to outside ideas. Because we had worked closely with them before, we knew that they were the kind of company that stood behind their products. Coordinating the decommissioning and installing of the new equipment without interrupting the service level to the customers was very important to us, and when Weldcoa said it could be done, we trusted them to make it happen and they did.”

Randy McBride, Operations Manager for Oxarc, 
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