Manufactured at Weldcoa’s Aurora, IL USA facility to ensure precision


Weldcoa’s Sur-Loc pallet system mechanically locks onto the transportation structure.


Make propane deliveries faster, safer and easier with a Weldcoa Sur-Loc Palletized Truck Body

  • Propane Pallet Cage in use
    The Propane Cage is designed to expedite the “Drop and Swap” process
  • Propane Pallet Cage binderstrap with cylds
    Designed to handle (22) 33 lb. Propane Cylinders
  • Propane Pallet Cage onedooropen
    The cage has two swinging doors that are secured by lock
  • Propane Pallets loading 1
    Our palletized system will reduce your labor rate, increase your cylinder output, and increase safety in your plant


Propane pallet cage option


Sur-Loc Propane Cage - Full Size Cage on Sur-Loc Pallet Base with Two Doors and Lock. Designed to handle (22) 33 lb. Propane Cylinders. Professionally Powder-Coated Black.

Truck Body options are available in 4,6,8 and 10 pallet configurations. Contact Weldcoa today at 630-806-2000 or at for more information.





Weldcoa offers a durable Propane Cage that is built on a standard Weldcoa Sur-Loc Pallet.  Designed for use within a delivery vehicle (several truck body options are available through Weldcoa). It allows the driver to remove the propane cylinders quickly and easily from within the delivery vehicle. 



  • All Weldcoa pallets have 4-way entry and are self-aligning when positioned into a pallet truck or trailer.
  • The fork pockets are re-enforced to eliminate the possibility of broken plates.
  • Automatic Safety Feature - Pallet truck forks automatically engage and disengage the mechanical locks. 
  • Visible Safety Check Feature - Drivers and managers can clearly see if the locks are properly engaged.
  • Compliant with Federal DOT Regulations 49 CFR 393.102 and CFR 177.840

Features and Benefits

  • The Propane Cage is built on a standard Weldcoa Sur-Loc Pallet and has been designed to expedite the “Drop and Swap” process. The cage is manufacured to be a self-contained secure housing for propane cylinders for use indoors and out. The cage has two swinging doors that are secured by lock. The unit has a 4’ x4’ footprint and weights approx. 700lbs.
  • Weldcoa’s Sur-Loc Truck Bodies moves more cylinders faster and with less handling. The net outcome is an increase in your production and a decrease in your labor costs. All of Weldcoa’s truck bodies are manufactured out of structural steel tubing. They are manufactured in Weldcoa’s facility and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The truck bodies can be installed quickly and are secured onto the chassis using U bolts and wood firing strips. Historically, the average Weldcoa truck body will outlive a chassis 3 times over. In each case, the palletized body is simply transferred over to the new chassis.
  • Weldcoa’s Sur-Loc™ pallet system is one of the only systems that mechanically locks onto the transportation structure. If the entire truck/trailer structure rotated 180 ̊, the pallets would remain locked onto the frame. Our locking system has evolved over the years and complies with Federal DOT Regulations 49 CFR 393.102 & CFR 177.840.
  • All of our pallets are manufactured on a robotic welders. The only aspect of the pallet that is done by hand are the internal components of the lock mechanism which are welded by Certified Welders. 
  • Entire pallet is professionally powder-coated to protect from wear, corrosion, impact, and weather.
  • Standard powder-coated paint is also available in Black, Cardinal Red, Safety Orange, Weldcoa Blue, Safety Yellow and John Deere Green.
  • 100% Made in the USA


What to expect from Weldcoa

All Weldcoa Pallets, Cages and Truck Bodies are fully built 100% at Weldcoa. Weldcoa guarantees all of our structures to be free of manufacturing defects for life.

For any questions on what is offered or if you have a specialty application, please feel free to contact us at (630) 806-2000 or email us at


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Propane Pallet Cage binderstrap with cylds

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