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We can help you design a facility, prepare a budget, manufacture the equipment, install the equipment, train your employees, and support your system long term. From the most basic manual equipment to fully automated systems, Weldcoa is a supplier you can rely on.



Without fail, Weldcoa comes through when we need them, from design to installation to support. We consider Weldcoa part of our family, part of our team— a necessary partner as we look to continue to support our customers with timely delivery of high-quality products.”

- Sonny Knotts, Manager of Operations and Production for Norco, Inc.

Budgeting and Estimating

We understand the investment you make in a filling facility. We work closely with you throughout the entire development process to budget for your facility. We have several points in the production process where provide estimates for design and equipment manufacturing, installation and start-up and training.

Our track record of successfully managing budgets, open communication throughout the process and adherence to schedules and project goals speaks for itself. Our clients experience value in both the short and long-term, and an immediate return on investment.

The Weldcoa team took ownership of our project from design through training, and even after. They maintain open communication and we continue to have a great relationship with them. This investment will prove to be very good for our company.”  

- Scott Wahl, Project Engineer for Tyco

After talking with several suppliers, Weldcoa rose to the top of the list—they have been doing this for a long time and have ironed out all of the bugs that still challenge other suppliers. ”

- Steve Baker, Risk & Distribution Manager for Industrial Source

Engineering and Design

Weldcoa boasts an elite team of engineers, programmers and support staff who are heavily involved in every detail of our products, from Research and Development to Installation and Start-up. Often, the team that designs your solutions is the very same team who installs and provides the long-term support for the equipment.

“Weldcoa’s team played a key role in our success. They lived up to their reputation, from planning stages through installation and training. Their level of
communication and depth of capabilities made the entire process run extremely smooth."

- Jim Ross, Quality Manager and the Project Manager for Norco, Inc.

Weldcoa was very instrumental in the success of this project. Before we poured an ounce of concrete, Weldcoa helped us understand the options we had in terms of the equipment and layout. At Weldcoa’s suggestion, we even had the door to the warehouse offset to ease forklift traffic. This layout also helps with cylinder staging and minimizes cylinder handling, reducing manual-labor costs.”

- Teresa Moore, Purchasing Manager for Koehler Welding and Supply 


Overseeing the many moving parts of any large project can be a challenge. Overseeing a process that has never been performed before can be best described as chaotic control. Weldcoa’s Project Management Team can help minimize headaches and eliminate the unknowns associated with Greenfield Projects, Facility Upgrades, and Equipment Transitions. We have decades of experience helping businesses just like yours make the transition from what was to what will be.

“The first thing Weldcoa did when we brought them onboard to spearhead the project was to concentrate on learning our business. Their project managers spent time understanding how the fill island and other equipment would fit into our business plan. Much more than just selling a system, Weldcoa worked to ensure that our team—and theirs—understood not only what we needed today, but what we would need tomorrow.”

- Steve Hodges, Project Manager for B & J Welding Supply, Inc.

“During Phase 1 of the upgrade, we couldn’t afford any downtime; we had to keep the plant running at full capacity to satisfy our customers’ requirements. So, we ran production during the day and installed the new Weldcoa equipment in the evenings. We were able to call Weldcoa for assistance any time day or night, and their support was phenomenal. We knew Weldcoa’s technical team was good, since the Boise location had been using Weldcoa equipment for several years. Their team of experts exceeded all expectations.”

 - Sonny Knotts, Manager of Operations and Production for Norco, Inc.


We have our own in-house automation team that performs all electrical production, drawings, automation and software development, research and product development.

As a UL Certified facility, we perform all electrical production and automation development  in-house in order to provide consistent quality, fit and finish for our clients. Several times a year, UL inspectors audit the facility to assure the quality of our in-house designed and built electronic equipment. Our software engineers program and test all equipment prior to, and after, installation.

Weldcoa's Leading History with Automated Filling

  • First in the market using electronics. Started in 1995-1996
  • First in the market to introduce cryogenic pump protection automation
  • First in the market to control pump speed from the filling process
  • First in the market to control a pump's speed from the temperature of the cylinders combined with scale data or the pressure transducer data
  • First in the market to install an automated gravimetric and temperature compensated filling system (System still operatting in Marinette, Wisconsin)
  • First in the market to combine a queued multiple filling process with both pressure temperature compensated filling and gravimetric filling

We continue to work with Weldcoa primarily for their experience and expertise with automation. We’ve found their systems to be extremely reliable. And, we really appreciate how Weldcoa can monitor their systems remotely, and identify and correct any issues in a timely fashion—often before our local guys know there are issues."

-John Rogstad, COO for Gas and Supply

With Weldcoa’s automated setup, variability is completely removed. We get consistent product down to the gram level. In the challenging biotech market, that’s critical.”

- Austin Romesberg, Vice President of Operations for WestAir Gases & Equipment


Weldcoa has been an innovative, leading manufacturer for over 5 decades. We have an impressive mix of both tribal knowledge and automation capabilities that separates us from our competition.

The manufacturing facility, located at 335 East Sullivan Road in Aurora, Illinois is where we perform all our steel fabrication and welding, assembly, manifolds and lead production, cleaning and testing, main assembly and inspection. Our main administrative office is also located in this building, which houses Weldcoa’s engineering, customer service, marketing, and executive teams. The 335 location sits on five acres of land, has 38,500 SQFT under roof, and has several unique attributes, including:

  • Robotic welders manufacture all of our pallets in order to guarantee the highest level of quality and consistency.
  • Top-of-the line Metal Working, Cutting and Forming equipment streamline our production.
  • Weldcoa receives 1-2 truckloads of steel a day to keep up with the demand of our 24 hour production runs.
  • Custom manufacturing and welding work cell stations
  • Custom manifold brazing room
  • Lead assembly area
  • Testing and cleaning area
  • Three 10-ton cranes
  • 20% of our employees have been working with Weldcoa for over two decades
  • 3% of our employees have been with the company for over three decades.
  • All of our products and automation are made in Aurora, Illinois USA

We talked to a lot of very smart people who we respected that had gone through this process before, and the one name that kept popping up over and over again was Weldcoa's.”

- Ned Pontious, Presdient of Norco, Inc.

We set the bar very high when we specified the fill island’s performance requirements and Weldcoa came through. I doubt we’ll ever face production-capacity issues again, at least for the foreseeable future.”
- Kevin Kimker, Director of Gas Operations at Cee Kay


Installation and start-up are often two distinct different activities.

Installation of Weldcoa’s equipment can be performed in one of four ways with varying levels of involvement:

  1. Weldcoa’s in-house installation team travels to your facility and handles the entire process. This may include overseeing off-loading of equipment
from delivery vehicles, positioning, anchoring,
and assembly of equipment. (Service cost: Time, Material and Expenses)
  2. Weldcoa sends a supervisor to oversee your team. This may include overseeing the following processes – off-loading of equipment from delivery vehicles, positioning, anchoring, and assembly of equipment. (Service cost: Time, Material and Expenses)
  3. Weldcoa recommends an experienced third-party install team that has experience working with Weldcoa. (Service cost: Negotiate directly with third party.)
  4. Your team takes the responsibility for performing the entire installation process.

Once installation is completed, all electrical and piping must be completed before start-up. This will need to be managed and handled by a third-party contractor of the clients’ choice.

Start-up is always performed by Weldcoa. A team arrives on the scene once all electrical and pipe runs are complete. Our team will run through a pre-start checklist to make sure, for example, that the lines have been properly oxygen cleaned, that final electrical connections were performed properly and to spec, and to double inspect the equipment to make sure nothing has been damaged or altered prior to start-up. Once the checklist is complete, the start-up team will initiate formal start-up procedures. Once the equipment is up-and- running, our team will train your staff, perform handover procedure, and exit your property. (Service cost: Time, Material and Expenses.)

Note: All the Island Gas Piping, Control Air, and Valve installation work is done at Weldcoa prior to delivery. 

The Weldcoa team didn’t leave here until they were sure we were comfortable with the equipment, and even now, long after the training has been completed, Weldcoa continues to respond to our phone calls and e-mail requests for support.”

Steve Hodges, Project Manager for B & J Welding Supply, Inc.

Coordinating the decommissioning and installing of the new equipment without interrupting the service level to our customers was very important to us. When Weldcoa said it could be done, we trusted them to make it happen – and they did.”

- Randy McBride, Operations Manager for Oxarc, Inc.


Directly after start-up and validation steps are completed, our team will patiently train your staff and perform handover procedures. Not leaving until everyone is 100% satisfied.

We also offer private courses at our facility to accommodate new employees and provide for additional equipment training of employees. This is done in a controlled environment and avoids disruption of your daily production.

“Because of the detailed amount of documentation that Weldcoa generated, we were able to show where the equipment would go, pipe runs, lengths and heights, work flow and how the equipment operated."
-Jim Ross, Quality Manager and the Project Manager for Norco, Inc.

Weldcoa’s on-site tech team also had to customize the PASS startup screen, making it much more user friendly to meet our unique requirements. That enables us, as we grow and add operators, to train them quickly on how to use the PASS system. The entire project became incredibly complex and demanding, and Weldcoa’s team never blinked. They took on a lot of extra work to ultimately save us a lot of time down the road. That level of flexibility and professionalism is what makes them a top-class organization.”

- Derek Piwonski, Specialty Gas Plant Supervisor/Chemist for Linde North America

Virtual Training

There is a growing need for operations training in the gas industry in order to strengthen safety, efficiencies and profitability. We now offer a variety of virtual training webinars to help ensure your team is informed, safe and proactive.

Our Gas Masters™ Series of FREE training webinars features popular topics that we're often asked about. These educational topics are addressed with step by step methods along with safety tips and considerations. Open Q&A is done after each training so your questions can be addressed. This is a great tool to help cross-train employees and/or learn some helpful tips from experts who see and deal with these common topics day in day out.

Webinars are 1-hour long, held every other Wednesday at 10:00am CDT



We also are now offering a Virtual Lead and Hoses Safety Summit. This 2-Day event is here to give you and your fill plant personnel a general overview and basic safety guidelines for leads (pigtails) and hoses used in the high pressure gas industry. Maintenance and handling instruction will be presented as well as live demonstrations to help provide a better understanding to what occurs inside a lead and/or hose and why.

Webinar is 2-hours long, held  on April 12th and 13th, 2021 at 10:00 CST



Weldcoa University's Specialty Gas Operations Training is a virtual offering provided by Weldcoa in partnership with AsteRisk. AsteRisk has been providing safety, technical support and compliance assistance to industrial gas companies for over 25 years. The University’s focus is to educate and certify participants on all aspects of specialty gas filling and testing. Our program develops skill sets through both virtual classroom and live virtual demonstration instruction. Basic and advanced seminars are available. Participants in the programs can receive certification in Specialty Gas Mixing and Gas Chromatography.



Long-Term Support

We will be with you throughout the entire implementation process and beyond, giving you long-term support for years to come. We partner with our clients in order to provide real long term value. Weldcoa only succeeds when you do.

Remote Monitoring is an option for most of our Automated Solutions. We also offer several
options for Remote Pumping Equipment that can be installed at your customer’s location. This option gives you a new tool for supporting your clients at a much higher level of customer
service than previously possible.

When we looked at Weldcoa’s system and compared it to others in the market, we all found it to be extremely impressive, in particular the ability to provide service using remote diagnostics. Their technicians can receive instant notification of any messages from the equipment and access our control systems to diagnose and address issues. Downtime is practically eliminated, and the customers don’t experience any delays. While these instances are few and far between the ability to address them quickly and flawlessly sets Weldcoa apart from the others.”
- Pat Dalton, Operations Manager for WestAir Gas & Equipment, Inc.

We know that Weldcoa is constantly watching over us. Their remote monitoring and troubleshooting proves extremely valuable. They’ve called and alerted us to issues before we even knew about them. Now that’s good service.”

- Mike Schwarz, Plant Manager for A-OX Welding Supply Co.