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IMG_3892.jpgWeldcoa boasts an elite team of engineers, programmers and support staff who are heavily
involved in every detail of our products from Research and Development to Installation and
Start-up and Training. Often, the team that designs your solutions is the very same team who
installs and provides the long-term support for the equipment.

Everyone at Weldcoa is focused on providing you with the highest possible level of service and quality. Our products are built to your specification, carefully inspected, and always delivered on time and within budget.

Weldcoa’s team played a key role in our success. They lived up to their reputation, from planning stages through installation and training. Their level of communication and depth of capabilities made the entire process run extremely smooth."

Jim Ross, Quality Manager and the Project Manager for Norco, Inc.
We’ve found that it’s not just one or two people at Weldcoa that are ready and able to support us. Instead, we’ve found that the technical expertise runs deep at Weldcoa, so we’re not reliant on just one or two people being available. The depth of the expertise is a big reason we chose Weldcoa for this project, and continues to be a reason for the success of the installation.”
Russell Stokes, Production Manager for Cee Kay Supply, Inc.

Weldcoa played an important role ...The Weldcoa people, with their commitment to high level planning, the depth of experience that they brought to the table and the information that I could share with the contractors, made this an extremely smooth running project.” 

Ken Goicoechea, Plant Manager for Norco's Boise Fill Facility

Our top priorities were safety, quality, on-time delivery and avoiding any downtime. We choose Weldcoa because of their experience, the quality of their products, and their proven track record in all of these areas.” 

Scott Wahl, Project Engineer for Tyco

We did a lot of research. Weldcoa listened to what we wanted and came up with an affordable package that allowed us to do automated filling.” 

Fred Seminik, General Manager forAmerican Welding & Gas

Weldcoa was very instrumental in the success of this project. Before we poured an ounce of concrete, Weldcoa helped us understand the options we had in terms of the equipment and layout. At Weldcoa’s suggestion, we even had the door to the warehouse offset to ease forklift traffic. This layout also helps with cylinder staging and minimizes cylinder handling, reducing manual-labor costs.”

Teresa Moore, Purchasing Manager for Koehler Welding and Supply
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Weldcoa only succeeds when you do

Weldcoa doesn’t want to be your vendor of the day.  We partner with our clients in order to provide real long term value.