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Looking to Fill Your Cylinders More Efficiently on Pallets?


Filling Systems with a fill Head design

intended for those who want to fill cylinders on a pallet

Our fill plant solutions are designed and built to exceed your expectations. We work closely with you and will manage your project from start to finish. Weldcoa has decades of experience in successfully helping businesses, just like yours, transition from what was to what will be. Weldcoa's Filling Systems are engineered to be modular; designed for rapid, minimal cost installation into new or existing facilities.




On our Pallet Fill Systems, cylinders on a pallet are placed into an organized bay area. Depending on the style that you choose, those cylinders can be sorted, inspected, and filled from that station in an organized, safe, efficient fashion. We offer both manual and automated packages with this fill system design. The operator stations can be a manual control panel style, an automated touchscreen or a combination of both. 



What are the benefits of using a pallet head fill system?
        • Cylinder handling is significantly reduced
        • Increases safety and productivity by establishing a more organized, safer filling environment
        • Measurable employee productivity in increased
        • The effective use of labor and time management is increased
        • Organization and utilization of capitol investments are increased
        • Delivered as self contained, turn key unit that is ready to operate once the existing gas lines have been connected to them
        • All systems are built and tested at Weldcoa prior to shipping to the customer work site. This assures that the unit is fully operational upon receipt. The units are highly adaptable to various environments.
        • Built, Programmed and Tested in the USA

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        • A cylinder cap rack located on the side of the fill head for easy, organized storage
        • Isolation valves for situations that require less than pallet load fills
        • Swivel connectors to eliminate the hassle of cylinder valve orientation
        • A connection for air tools
        • Durable, aluminum housing 
        • Independent heavy-duty retractors on swivels for long work life operation
        • Retractableleads with connectors. Weldcoa’s retractable lead fill heads are delivered complete and ready for installation. The installation process takes approximately 15 minutes. 


Pallet Fill System with a Pallet Height Deck

With this popular island-style design, the pallets and the deck are the same height so the cylinders can easily roll off the pallet and on to the island. With this set-up, the filler can sort and inspect their cylinders on the deck itself - all while being protected from potential fork-lift loading and unloading traffic hazards.Over 90% of Weldcoa's Palletized Fill Systems have a standard pallet height deck due to the improvements it provides with cylinder flow and management. Also it is important to note that our systems can be designed to fit and accommodate the pallet style you use at your facility, whether it is a Weldcoa pallet or another from a different supplier. 



Pallet Fill System with am Ergonomically Raised Deck

The big benefit towards this design is that the deck is at a raised level, providing an ergonomically friendly height for the filler to attend to the cylinders. This eliminates the filler to having to reaching up above their shoulders to handle the cylinders. Please note, this option is only good if there filler is doing the cylinder sorting and inspection at another location, not on the island. This happens to be Weldcoa's most popular deck preference for its customers outside of the US.

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Pallet Fill System with No Deck

This is an economical option that allows more of the capitol investment to be used towards automation and/or additional equipment verses the deck structure and aesthetics itself. This erector set-design can still obtain many of the key filling system features like the fill head assembly however keep in mind that this can only be a one-sided unit and you loose the safety and sorting benefits the deck provides. 



Traversing Fill Heads:

A Traversing Fill Head traverses (slides) to the left and to the right. The main benefit of a traversing head is the once a pallet of cylinders has been filled you can quickly move the fill head over to another pallet that is prepared to be filled, thus maximizing your capitol expense of the fill system and cryogenic pumps. This, by far, is our most popular option simply due to the efficiencies alone.



Fixed Fill Heads:

A Fixed Fill Head is permanently positioned over a designated fill station. A fixed fill head is generally only recommended for smaller volume facilities filling one particular product. This is for situations when the need for flexibility and possible volume growth is not desired. 

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Single Sided System:

The two main benefits to a single-sided design is the the unit can be placed against the wall on order to maximize space or the non-filling side can be designated specifically for the filler to perform the cylinder sorting and inspection. 

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Double Sided System:

A double-sided design is an economical, efficient layout allowing the operator to fill large volume in a manageable, safe space.  

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Sur-Fill™ Automation:

Our Sur-Fill™ Automation is a highly efficient, cost effective alternative to manual conventional Filling methods. Weldcoa has several levels of automation to choose from allowing the operator to be freed up to do more operations during a fill cycle. 

Click Here For more details

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Sur-Fill™ Reports Software:

Make better management decisions with Weldcoa's revolutionary reporting software. This data can be used for production scheduling, to identify productivity by employee, productivity by pump, cylinder utilization and more.

SurFill Reports - 6.1 image


Manual Control Panel System:

A minimal cost option that will increase productivity and efficiency.   

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Bank Filling Station Add-On:

We can provide customized bank filling stations with isolated flexible leads (pigtails).   



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Weldcoa is the recognized leader in independent manufacturing of Fill Systems, in fact we have filling equipment around the US with 20+ years in operation, still performing strong today. Our process has been developed over decades and continues to be refined. Our staff is all in-house and is very knowledgeable on overall cylinder filling plant operations.  So with this understanding, the detail that is built into each system is very thorough and intended. 



All electrical control panels for our systems are made in-house with a UL listed shop.  All automation is fully tested and proven prior to shipment.  Electrical schematic wiring drawings are provided for the local electrical contractor and a meeting is held with the contractor prior to the installation.  All final wire connections are inspected by our electrical engineer to ensure proper installation.  These steps greatly minimize any start-up and operational issues with the system which is another cost savings.



Drawings for the piping (P&ID’s) for each gas system are provided to the customer.   Cut sheets for all equipment components are also provided for repair and spare parts information.  

Our palletized automated fill islands are pre-assembled in our shop including mechanically and electrically.   They are operationally tested prior to shipment and then prepared for shipping.  Once on the customer site the island can be set up in 1 – 1-1/2 days.  All piping is cleaned and capped at one end of the island for ease of piping in the field.  The ease of installation dramatically cuts down the costs of the installation.

Building the equipment in the controlled environment of the Weldcoa manufacturing plant prior to delivery reduces labor, engineering and overall planning costs dramatically as well.



The heart of any pumping system is the pump itself.  If the pump fails for any reason then your production is down and that is costly.  For that reason Weldcoa’s automation provides a number of checks for the proper operation and will send you alarm email alerts of any pump issues.  It also tracks the performance and utilization.  With the remote support set-up, we are proactive in keeping your pumps operating and eliminating as much unplanned down time as possible.

Weldcoa is the only company that predominantly uses variable frequency drives (VFD’s) on the pumps. This allows our automation to control the pump speed at any time. This is one of the keys to the success of the system with its accuracy for mixtures. Besides mixtures this allows us to slow the pump down when filling smaller type cylinders including CO2, control the speed for heat of compression, use a higher capacity pump when needed for filling tube trailers or large volumes, to ramp up the speed of the pump instead of instantaneous start-up.

We also include electrical boxes out at the pump pad that houses the thermocouples used for monitoring the pumps.  This allows for simple electrical installation for these devices which can add up to real savings.



Because many companies have a concern with an outside company having access to the computer system for the automation, Weldcoa has recently come up with a solution.  This system provides Weldcoa remote access without going through any of the company’s channels or systems.  Thus security is guaranteed and companies can be assured of no breaches into their systems. 

There are many reasons why to choose a Weldcoa automated fill plant.  The primary reason though is that they work and perform.  We have a long, proven track record of successful systems and satisfied clients. Don’t be misled by a cheaper price on the bottom line of a quote for the equipment.  Make it a point to fully understand the overall costs.



Because of the preliminary work done for the electrical and mechanical along with it already tested in the shop, the start-up is easy to debug and usually only takes 2 – 3 days to get everything functional.  If you fill island has automation included, our automation programmer will be on site during this time to make sure all the programming meets your satisfaction and your specific SOP’s.   We will train your operators on all phases of the systems.  Your system will be up and running fully in no time at all.


Weldcoa is a true U.S. manufacturer with the people, equipment and experience necessary to design, manufacture and test a wide range of products and automation for compressed gas, cryogenic liquids and supercritcal CO2. Our elite team of engineers, programmers and support staff are heavily involved in every detail of our products from research and development to installation and start-up and training. Often, the team that designs your solutions is the very same team who installs and provides the long-term support for the equipment. Everyone at Weldcoa is focused on providing you with the highest possible level of service and support.

If you are interested in discussing your project and/or application with us, please contact us at (630) 806-2000 or email our team at solutions@weldcoa.com today. We would be happy to hear from you!

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