Constant innovation has become our hallmark, one which our customers have grown to depend upon, and so can you.

We’re proven problem solvers with decades of experience and innovation in the gas industry.  Our history of innovation has always been driven by the needs of our customers. As new applications for gases arise, our team sets up to the challenge with custom solutions to deliver on the growing demand in emerging markets.

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Argon is rare, valuable, and frequently in short supply. A normal Liquid Argon fill can result in losses up to 30% due to flash loss. The new automated ARGON HERO system reduces and can even eliminate Argon loss, while reducing fill time and increasing payload. The Argon HERO uses a counter flow heat exchanger to have have liquid Nitrogen cool liquid Argon during the transfilling process. The Argon saturation pressure is dropped to close to 0 psi. The result is:

  • Increases the Argon’s density, which increases the Orca’s fill capacity
  • Decreases fill time
  • Decreases your cost
  • Reduces Argon losses

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With the world of disposable cylinder filling expanding, Weldcoa has created a plug and play solution to help increase efficiency. Models are available for Inert, Flammable, Oxidizer, and Reactive gases. These systems can be installed with ease and require only 3 mechanical connections. Cylinders can be filled from house gasses or from mother mix cylinders. Up to 20 cylinders can be filled at a time but can be limited to less by using pneumatic isolation valves at each cylinder station. Standard fill connection is CGA C-10.

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Cylinder Passivation Manifold

High end reactive specialty gas mixtures require extremely clean and impurity free cylinders to be filled in. Even a couple parts per billion of a common impurity such as water or oxygen can ruin a mixture. Typically using a combination of vacuuming, purging, venting and repeating as well as including heat (such as in a vacuum bake system) is enough to remove more than sufficient levels of impurities for most mixtures, but in certain cases more measures must be taken. The cylinder passivation system is meant to be used after a vacuum bake has been done on cylinders. The system will use a pyrophoric (spontaneously combusts on contact with air) gas called Silane to remove any impurities left behind from the bake out process.

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This system caters to the same users as the automated system, but is an easy to use solution for filling up to a 19 component mixture gravimetrically. The system is optimized for low vapor pressure hydrocarbon components and is assembled using all high integrity fittings for ease of any maintenance as well as orbital welds. This is meant to be a high accuracy high precision system for filling one cylinder at a time.

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Weldcoa's New MedMaster™ Automated Filling System allows the operator to fill cylinders through a custom automated graphical system, in which the gases are filled automatically based on information provided by the operator, including the fill pressure and production tracking data. The terminal is a touch screen device with virtual “buttons”. The terminal will respond to bare and gloved hands. A light touch is all the system needs. The MedMaster™ Filling System is designed to fill oxygen gas only. The MedMaster™ Filling System has its own variable frequency drives and pump protection that controls its own dedicated oxygen pump. 

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