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Each "D' or "E" size medical cylinder is secured and locked within the frame


Provides a secured, space efficient storage and transportation solution


Each cylinder is individually secured within the Stack-Loc’s frame

  • Stack-Loc Medical D&E Pallet D
    high quality product made in-house
    100% made in the usa
  • Stack-Loc D&E Medical Frame split
    each cylinder is INDIVIDUALLY secured within the frame. This prevents the cylinders from escaping but also prevents label damage
  • Stack-Loc Medical D&E Pallet Side View
    (2) stack-loc d&e medical pallets stacked - side view
  • Stack-Loc Medical D&E Pallet Top View
    stack-loc medical pallet - top view
  • Stack-Loc Medical D&E Pallet Guidelines 1
    stack-loc d&E pallets may have at most, one non-acetylene stack-loc pallet (either a 4-rail stack-loc or medical d&E) placed on it. This particular product is not intended for standard sur-loc pallets.
  • Stack-Loc Medical D&E Pallet Guidelines 2
    stack-loc d&E medical pallets may have, at most, one weldcoa stack-loc paller of any kind placed on it



Stack-loc™ d&E medical pallet

Stack-Loc Pallet - D&E Medical Model, Professionally Powder-Coated in John Deere Green.



Stack-Loc™ D&E Medical Pallet

The Stack-Loc™ D & E Medical Pallet model was designed specifically to alleviate the portability and security problems normally associated with transporting and handling smaller cylinders.



  • Weldcoa’s patented Sur-Loc™ pallet system is one of the only systems that mechanically locks onto the transportation structure. If the entire truck/trailer structure rotated 180 ̊, the pallets would remain locked onto the frame.
  • All Weldcoa pallets have 4-way entry and are self-aligning when positioned into a pallet truck or trailer.
  • The fork pockets are re-enforced to eliminate the possibility of broken plates.
  • Automatic Safety Feature - Pallet truck forks automatically engage and disengage the mechanical locks. 
  • Visible Safety Check Feature - Drivers and managers can clearly see if the lock mechanism is properly engaged prior to transporting cargo.
  • Compliant with Federal DOT Regulations 49 CFR 393.102 and CFR 177.840

Features and Benefits

  • Holds up to (64) "D" or "E" size Medical Cylinders 
  • Can be stacked (2) Stack-Loc D&E Pallets high at a time for storage in your facility or yard.  That is 128 medical cylinders in a single pallet footprint!
  • Twist lock mechanism securely locks cylinders vertically onto frame.
  • To protect the cylinder valve, the pallet has been designed with adequate height clearance in mind
  • The pallets lock onto each other in the same way they would be secured on to our pallet trucks and trailers
  • Works with any Weldcoa Sur-Loc™ pallet truck or trailer
  • The D&E pallet is interchangeable and requires no more skill than what is already required to load a pallet vehicle
  • Each cylinder is individually secured within the Stack-Loc's frame. This prevents the cylinders from escaping but also prevents label damage
  • The deck of the D&E pallet is 51 3/4" wide x 46" deep
  • The height of a single D&E pallet is 45 1/2" high
  • The height of two D&E pallets stacked is 84 3/8" high
  • The pallet base is structurally sound
  • A grease reservoir that lubricates all of the moving parts every time the lock is actuated (We recommend using an anti-seize compound rather then grease to lubricate the pallet locks)
  • Entire pallet is professionally powder-coated for protection from wear, corrosion, impact, and weather.
  • 100% Made in the USA


have a special application?

For any questions on what is offered or if you have a specialty application, please feel free to contact us at (630) 806-2000 or email us at solutions@weldcoa.com.


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Stack-Loc Medical D&E Pallet E

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