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Client Featured: nexAir's Hydrogen Fill Facility - Memphis TN

large horizontal gas cylinders on nexAir semi truck trailer
close up on a gas cylinder filling connector that is covered with frost
control panel inside a gas cylinder filling plant
a gas filling plant with a very large gas cylinder with other horizontal gas cylinders on two semi truck trailer at the nexAir filling plant
various gas cylinders and connectors used to fill them at the nexAir filling plant

nexAir: Innovation On Time and Within Budget


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A New Hydrogen Fill Facility Takes Shape.

For years nexAir had been growing their hydrogen business organically, but the volumes were not enough for them to commit to the capital necessary for a new Hydrogen Fill Facility. After performing a deeper analysis of their true costs they identified an annual freight expense to ship hydrogen into the area in excess of $80,000. Armed with this information nexAir sought out a knowledgeable partner to work within the design, installation and long term support of the program. They turned to Weldcoa.

  • Partner with a knowledgeable company that could train the nexAir in-house team
  • Source the proper and best possible equipment for the project
  • Successfully complete the entire project on time and under budget
  • Hired Weldcoa to oversee the entire project and, using thier in-house team, train nexAir personnel
  • As the project coordinator, Weldcoa sourced all of the project equip-ment including a new Cryostar Cryogenic Pump designed specifically for Hydrogen service. Weldcoa showed nexAir that virtually all of the other commercially available hydrogen cryogenic pumps were in fact altered to work with hydrogen and were therefore not as efficient
  • Weldcoa worked with nexAir’s Hydrogen supplier, Praxair and leveraged their vendor relationships to successfully introduce new technology while meeting nexAir’s timeline and budget


“The Hydrogen project was for us further proof that we had picked the right people for the job. In every way this has been a win, win, win.” 

Chuck Britton, VP Plant Operations for nexAir


The Weldcoa Difference

nexAir’s Hydrogen facility features

  • A fully automated variable frequency drive (VFD) pump control with remote monitoring. This Weldcoa exclusive allows one pump to accurately fill cylinders, cylinder banks and even tube trailers by adjusting the pump speed and flow rate.
  • Weldcoa’s remote Monitoring Technology monitors the pumping process 24/7 and alerts nexAir and Weldcoa of any possible issues in real time as they develop thereby eliminating unnecessary downtime.


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