Wide Range of Cylinder Gas Packs, Manifolds and Leads

All Made in the USA

All Weldcoa Gas Packs are fully built 100% at Weldcoa. Weldcoa guarantees all of our structures to be free of manufacturing defects for life

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Several Options to Choose From

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Wolf Pack 2-in-1 Series

Designed to be utilized as a dual asset - quickly changing from a gas pack with wheels to a stand pad skid unit within seconds, no tools required. 

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New Wolf Pack 16 Cylinder Skid Base

Designed specifically with a forklift and pallet jackable skid base for those who want to avoid gas packs with wheels. Available with a wide variety of manifolds.

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LowPro M1 In-Line Gas Pack Series

Designed with an in-line wheelbase, the M1 Series can be easily maneuvered and pivoted in mulitple directions and can go over uneven surfaces or cracks with ease.

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LowPro M2 Skid Base Gas Pack Series

Designed specifically with a forklift and pallet jackable skid base for those who want to avoid gas packs with wheels. Compliant with DOT guidelines.

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LowPro Classic Gas Pack Series

Designed to be a long lasting and durable, the LowPro Classic model has been a reliable gas pack for the gas industry for decades.  Easy and Simple to Use.

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Manifold with Flex Leads 600x700pixels.jpg

Manifolds and Leads for LowPro Carts

Weldcoa designs, manufactures, clean and test a wide varitety of manifolds and leads (pigtails) in-house.  Brass, Stainless Steel and Monel 400 models available.

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LowPro Ultra

Gas Pack Series

The LowPro Ultra is designed with a wider base providing a very low center of gravity and shortened overall height. This is a good solution for those who want greater stability during transit.

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LCA06W-APB with rigid manifold 600x700pixels.jpg

LowPro Side Loading

Gas Pack Series

Easy to load, unload and transport manifolded cylinders of liquefied compressed gases. Designed to travel through doorways and standard size elevators.  

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LowPro Gas Pack For Acetylene

Easy to load, unload and transport 12” acetylene cylinders. Designed with a low center of gravity, providing greater balance and durability. Cart is available with a (4) cylinder carbon steel manifold 

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