high integrity prep system

high integrity prep systems

Efficiently preps cylinders for blending. Out system allows a lower ultimate vacuum to be reached which would result in high purity straight gas or more stable reactive gas mixture.

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automated bake out oven

automated bake out oven

Provides an effective means to prepping cylinders for industrial, medical and specialty gas better by removing moisture and any trace contaminants from cylinders being put into service.

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high integrity bake out oven

high integrity bake Out Oven

Highest level of automated process for the vacuuming of cylinders under intense heat. A variety of gases can be programmed to purge the cylinders at different intervals, of your choosing.

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manual blend cell

Manual Specialty Gas Fill Systems

Designed to produce mixtures from percent down to ppb concentrations. Each unit is pre-engineered and tested before it is delivered and installation is quick and easy.

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automated blend cell

Automated Specialty Gas Fill Systems

Our proven, easy to use Sur-Fill iQ-s Systems have touch screen technology that guides you through the specialty gas filling process, providing greater productivity and accuracy.

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cylinder inverter systems

A reliable solution for the industry mixer issues, our system allows cylinders to be repeatedly inverted while holding them in a fixed, controlled position. Cylinder labels stay intact, maintaining safety and quality.

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cryo trap

cryo trap helium gas purifier

Our Cryo Traps purify the helium carrier gas being supplied to a Gas Chromatograph (GC) significantly improving the GC performance especially for PPM or PPB analysis.

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helium purifier system

helium gas purifier system

TMake it easy and economical to purify industrial grade helium (4.) inot grade 5.0, 6.0 or better and compress it into cylinders right at your facility. Unit includes a custom regeneration system.

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packaged lab systems

packaged lab sampling systems

Make the sampling process organized, professional looking and most important operator friendly with one of our packaged labs. Three model options to choose from to fit your facility's needs.

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dla system

NEW Digital Lab Assistant (D.L.A.)

Provides a new level of automation for industrial, medical and specialty gas filling operation. Revolutionary system that can be programmed to capture sample and record analyses simultaneously.

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NEW specialty projectS

We’re proven problem solvers. As new applications for gases arise, our team steps up to the challenge with solutions to deliver on the growing demand in emerging markets.

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PU class

specialty gas training courses

Get Certified in Specialty Gas Filling. The programs focus on all aspects of specialty gas filling, developing skill sets through both classroom and hands-on instruction. 

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