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The c.l.a.w

The C.L.A.W. is an easy to use, ergonomic, device that allows you to effortlessly and securely pickup, move and insert cylinders into gas packs or onto pallets. Historically, cylinders are man handled into gas pack frames. It is currently a very physical activity, that only a stout few can perform safely.

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4-Rail Pallet Options with Sur-Loc System

3 & 4-Rail Pallet Options with Sur-Loc™ System

Our Sur-Locpallets are the strongest pallets in the industry. They are manufactured at Weldcoa’s Aurora, IL USA facility by robotic welders to ensure precision. Guaranteed a consistent pallet each and every time.

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Safety & propane Cages with Sur-Loc™ System

Our cages are built on a standard Sur-Locpallet. They have two swinging doors that are secured by a lock. The cylinders are secured with binder straps within the cage that is manufactured to be self-contained. They can be used indoors as well as outdoor. 

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LIquid cylinder

The Liquid pallet allows (4) of the LS160/GP45/GP55 liquid dewars to be connected to a common header via the Gas port on the liquid dewar. This allows large volume end users to supply to their downstream application via a regulator attached to one or both of the exit CGA’s on the common header.

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Pallet Manifold Options 

Terrific alternative to costly micro bulk delivery vehicles for safely delivering higher volumes of gas.Made specifically with high gas volume end users in mind. Installs quickly without tools.

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3-Rail Pallet Options with Sur-Loc System

4-Rail Stack-Loc Option with Sur-Loc™ System

This is a traditional Weldcoa Sur-Loc4-Rail Pallet with added vertical supports and an X frame for rigidity.  Great option for doubling your working payload on all small cylinder and dry goods needs.

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4-Rail Stack-Loc with Sur-Loc System

Stack-Loc Pallet for "MC" Size Acetylene Cylinders

Designed specifically to alleviate the portability and security problems normally associated with transporting and handling smaller cylinders.

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Stack-Loc Pallet for

Stack-Loc Pallet for "B" Size Acetylene Cylinders

Provides a secure, space efficient solution for transporting B size Acetylene cylinders. Durable, long lasting product that will provide years of reliable service.

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Stack-Loc Pallet for "D&E" Size Medical Cylinders

Designed specifically to alleviate the portability and security problems normally associated with transporting and handling smaller medical cylinders.

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Double wide pallets

Double wide pallets are primarily used in the handling and transportation of 1 Ton liquid units, utilizing additional welded on D Rings for horizontal securement strapping of said units.

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Weldcoa Yard Pallets

Yard Pallets

Yard Pallets offer the same quality manufacturing as our popular Sur-Loc™ pallets, but without the locking structure that secures Sur-Loc™ pallets to trucks and trailers. Yard pallets are a cost effective solution for moving clusters of cylinders through the filling process, within a fill plant, when a transportation locking mechanism is not required.

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Weldcoa Sur-Loc and Link-Loc Storage Racks

Sur-Loc™ and Link-loc Storage Rack

Weldcoa’s modular pallet storage rack system allows the customer to customize their cylinder pallet storage requirements based on available space, material flow and volume needs. The system allows for future growth by allowing for expansion, reconfiguration and relocation with just a few basic tools.

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Sur-Loc Palletized Truck Body Systems

  Sur-Loc™ Palletized Truck Body Systems

Weldcoa’s InstaLoad Pallet System with Sur-Loc™ pallets moves more cylinders faster and with less handling. The net outcome is an increase in your production and a decrease in your labor costs. Available in 4, 6, 8 and 10 Pallet Configurations. For more details, click on the button below.. 

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Weldcoa Smart Bed Palletized Truck Bodies

Smart bed palletized truck bodies

Make deliveries faster and easier with a Weldcoa Smart Bed truck body. Dramatically reduce loading and unloading delivery times. The Smart Bed Palletized truck body incorporates stairs behind the cab that allows for the driver to enter the truck body through a secure gate, without the need to lower and raise the liftgate for entry.

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Trailer Conversation- Refurbish Program

  Trailer Conversion -Refurbish Program

Weldcoa is happy to provide you with a quote to convert and then refurbish your existing trailers into palletized trailers. This process involves the tear down/stripping of the existing trailer bed and rails. Once we have stripped your trailer to the bare frame we rebuild the trailer so that it can support the palletized frame work. For more details, click on the button below.

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Sur-Loc Pallet Accessories

Sur-Loc™ Pallet Accessories

Sur-Loc™ Pallets come with a variety of accessories that will compliement your palletization system.  Portable Docks that can serve as a temporary extension of the existing dock that brings the pallets to floor level with the permanent dock to ease in the loading and unloading of cylinders. Pallet Ramps for easier loading and unloading conditions for the cylinder sorters. And more..

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