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Pallet Fill (Head) Systems

Weldcoa offers a variety of Industrial Modular Fill Systems that utilize a Fill Head design. The decision to fill your cylinders on pallets has many advantages; Such as reducing cylinder handling, safer filling conditions, measureable employee activity, increased productivity and more. 

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Traversing Linear     Fill Systems

Traversing Linear Fill Systems are an economical option that can greatly increase your production throughput. Intended for those who want to fill cylinders on a rack (and not on a pallet) while benefiting from significant advantages of a traversing system. 

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Fixed Fill Systems and Control Panels

 Fixed Linear Fill Stations are designed to minimize cost while providing an effective fill process.  Installation is straight forward and cost effective.  Weldcoa offers a variety of control panel options and rack configurations. All of them manufactured and tested at Weldcoa.

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Cylinder Prep Systems

Weldcoa's Cylinder Prep Systems are designed to vent and vacuum (Purge is also available).  System is easy to use and quick to install. It is delivered assembled and ready to go. Simply uncrate the unit, position, anchor and connect to plumbing.

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Sur-Fill Filling Automation

Safe, reliable and easy to use.  Weldcoa offers four levels of automation. Each is designed to greatly enhance capabilities in your cylinder fill process. Automation can be installed into new or existing facilities. 

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Sur-Fill Reports Automation

Make better management decisions with Weldcoa’s revolutionary reporting software.  This data can be used for production scheduling,  to identify productivity by employee, productivity by pump, cylinder utilization and more.

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Manual & Automated Liquid Fill Systems

 Weldcoa offers several Automated and Manual options for low to high volume Liquid Filling facilities. We offer Liquid Filling solutions that provide a safer filling environment with increased productivity. All systems are manufactured at Weldcoa

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Storage Tube

Control System

Do you have a critical application that cannot afford any down time?  If so you should consider Weldcoa’s New Automated Storage Tube Control System for applications where down time could cause dramatic consequences.

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Storage Tube

Fill System

Weldcoa also offers an Automated Storage Tube Fill System for remote unmanned pumping systems dedicated to non-critical applications. The system  protects the pump and monitors all critical operating parameters.

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Tube Trailer Stanchion Fill System

A reliable, convenient and safe way to connect your tube trailers to a pipeline or to a pressure control cabinet. Discharging stanchions are designed for points of use whereas charging stanchions are designed for tube trailer fill plants. 

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Automated Helium Cascade System

The Automated Helium Cascade System is designed specifically to manage the helium supply at your facility. The system has two main functions: cascading to fill cylinders and manage the molecules in the storage tubes themselves.

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3K and 6K Gas Booster Systems

Weldcoa offers two types of Gas Boosters. A 3K System is typically used to compress helium from a storage bank or tube trailer source and 6K System that compresses inert gases from standard pressures into cylinders up to 6000 PSI.

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