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Pallet Fill Systems

Intended for those who want to fill cylinders on a pallet


Fill Faster, Safer and More Efficiently

Weldcoa is the recognized leader in independent manufacturing of Fill Systems. The Weldcoa Modular Filling Equipment is designed for rapid, minimal cost, installation into new or existing facilities. Our process has been developed over the last 50 years and continues to be refined. Building the equipment in the controlled environment of the Weldcoa plant prior to delivery reduces labor, engineering and overall planning costs dramatically.

The Benefits of Using a Weldcoa Pallet Fill System

  • Cylinder Handling is Significantly Reduced
  • Quality and Safety is Increased
  • Measurable Employee Productivity is Increased
  • The Effective Use of Labor and Time Management is Increased
  • Organization and Utilization of Capitol Investments is increased

On our Pallet Fill Systems, cylinders on a pallet are placed into an organized bay area. Depending on the style that you choose, those cylinders can be sorted, inspected, and filled from that station in an organized, safe, efficient fashion. We offer both manual and automated packages with this fill system design. The operator stations can be a manual control panel style, an automated touchscreen or a combination of both. In regards to the Fill Head, operation is simple; the leads pull down and when released, recoil back into the Fill Head. 

            Palletized Picutre 1          Fill Head Illustration

Several key features are integrated into the fill head design include:

  • A cylinder cap rack located on the side of the fill head for easy, organized storage
  • Isolation valves for situations that require less than pallet load fills
  • Swivel connectors to eliminate the hassle of cylinder valve orientation
  • A connection for air tools
  • A durable aluminum housing 
  • Independent heavy-duty retractors on swivels for long work life operation
  • Retractable leads with connectors. Weldcoa’s retractable lead fill heads are delivered complete and ready for installation. The installation process takes approximately 15 minutes. 

The Benefits of Automating Your Fill Process

Our Sur-Fill Automation is a highly efficient, cost effective, safe alternative to conventional manual filling methods. Weldcoa has several levels of automation to choose from allowing the operator to be freed up to do more operations during a fill cycle. Eliminating time loss during wait, cycle transitions and monitoring times. Due to the laws of physics, you simply cannot fill faster safely but with Weldcoa Sur-Fill Automation you can….

  • You increase efficiency by managing your capital investments. With this configuration you minimize your capitol investment on manifolds while maximizing your vacuum and cryogenic pump investment.
  • You increase productivity by managing your labor performance and cycle times per fill. When one station is automatically switching from vent, vacuum and fill cylces the filler can be at the other station prepping, inspecting, attaching and/or attaching the flexible leads.
  • Increase Productivity by reducing your cylinder handling and managing your labor more effectively
  • Increase Safety by establishing a more organized, safer filling environment
  • Gain Measurable employee activity, a more unified, consistent Standard Operating Procedures and effective labor use

How it All Works

The Sur-Fill Mix Gas Cylinder Filling System allows the operator to fill Straight Gas, Industrial Mixes, Medical Mixes and Specialty Mixes. The operator commands and monitors the filling system through the use of a graphical operator terminal.  The terminal is a touch screen device with virtual “buttons”.   The terminal will respond to bare and gloved hands.

Gases are filled automatically using pre-defined formulas.  A reference cylinder on a weigh scale is used by the control system to monitor the addition of gas components. The combination of controlling pump speed and the use of a throttling valve permit the system to achieve accurate results. The operator selects formulas, filling options, enters production tracking data and can monitor the progress of the fill through the use of a touch screen operator interface.

Production data may be automatically recorded by a remote computer.  The operator must provide information about the cylinders being filled in order for the data to be meaningful. The Production Data screen is used to enter information about the batch of cylinders to be filled.  This information is communicated to a remote computer for generating production reports.  When an operator touches one of the fields, a keypad drop down box appears to permit data entry.




Available Options and BEnefits within:

As a result of our automation upgrade with Weldcoa, we’ve reduced fill island manpower by 30% and setup times have been cut by 15 - 20%.”

Ed Conrad, Fill Plant Manager, General Air Service

“What ultimately stood out when we examined how Weldcoa worked with other distributors, was its commitment to workmanship and quality. I appreciated their diligence and attention to detail, and ultimately so did our owners. We all gained a huge sense of security having Weldcoa as our partners on this project.”

Ed Conrad, Fill Plant Manager, General Air Service

“We set the bar very high when we specified the fill island’s performance requirements and Weldcoa came through. I doubt we’ll ever face production capacity issues again, at least for the foreseeable future.”

Kevin Kimker; Director of Gas Operations at Cee Kay

“Our operators set the process in motion, and then are free to walk away to service another bay. To monitor the process, all they have to do is listen to what the island is telling them.”

Robert Parsons, Holston Gases, Operations Manager