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Client Featured: Butler Gas Products - McKees Rocks, PA

control room with various control panels, desks and chairs
man using a control panel to fill gas cylinders
close up of a Weldcoa Sur-Fill control system
gas cylinders getting filled by a Weldcoa installed automate solutoin
man at a control station filling various gas cylinders

The Butler Gas Specialty: Making Informed Decisions


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The Decision Process for Expanding a Specialty Gas Filling Operation

The success of Butler Gas Products, a 65 year old, 3rd generation family business, can be credited directly to their ability to think and plan for the long-term.

“Every employee in our business knows we have a 100 year plan”, stated Abydee Butler Moore, Executive Vice President of Butler Gas Products Company. “It is important to us that everyone understands our commitment to them, our business, and to providing value to our customers.”

Seeing the Opportunities with Specialty Gas Filling.

“We are always thinking long term.”  said Abydee. “It was clear to us that our specialty gas filling operation was an area where we could become more independent, and therefore more reliable for our customers. It was a smart place to reinvest.”

Doing the Necessary Homework.

Butler is an active participant in the “BIG Group” (Buying and Information Group), a think tank that shares best practices in the industry. Butler's team investigated how other businesses were managing their specialty gas services, and how reinvestment in this area was proving to have very positive long-term results. A key to success would be working with an experienced manufacturer that could provide a complete solution, with quality products that performed consistently over time.

Finding the Right Partner for a Long Term Solution.

While touring the nexAir and Matheson facilities, Butler executives observed lab set-ups, and witnessed the operation of an automated blend cell. Both companies were using Weldcoa’s Precision Specialty Gas Products systems. Precision had been mentioned by most of the other companies Butler had interviewed. “It was our Aha! moment,” admitted Abydee. “We knew that Weldcoa’s dedicated Precision Specialty Gas Products division was the right partner for us.”

Butler was able to quickly determine that Precision’s products and services were a smart investment. “We have a reputation for being the expensive guy.” noted Hector Villarreal, President of Weldcoa. “But when distributors do the short and long term analysis we always come out as the better value. Our products work right out of the box, and they work well for a very long time– we guarantee it.”


“Our goal for continuing to build our business and deliver for our customers was once again realized through our process of internal evaluation, research and alignment with experienced partners.”

Abydee Butler Moore, Executive Vice President Butler Gas Products Company


Creating a Profitable Specialty Gas Filling Facility –that Sells Itself.

Butler worked closely with Precision to determine the optimal configuration for their specialty gas filling operation, including all components, work flow, lab layout, and piping. Consideration was given to Butler’s existing customers, as well as other prospects for specialty gas.

Butler chose to create an operation that was state-of-the-art, and included Sur-Fill iQ-s specialty gas filling automation.

Butler Gas Products New Specialty Gas Filling features

Abydee concluded that not only did Precision exceed their expectations in all aspects of the project, but the system has performed flawlessly, and it actually sells itself when they walk customers through the new operation.

Butler notes significant increases in output and quality, and expresses confidence in their ability to grow their business with the new operation for years to come.


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