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Leads and Hoses

For The Compressed Gas And Cryogenic Liquid Industry


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flexible ptfe lined Leads AND Hoses

Weldcoa is now post-sintering PTFE inner-core tubing for flexible leads and the focus is strictly on the high pressure gas market We offer a wide range of options including single and double braid options. 

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flexible Metal lined Leads AND hoses

Flexible Corrugated Metal Leads are ideal choice when low diffusion rates and higher integrity are required. We also offer Flexible Metal Cryogenic Hoses which are known for their excellent cycle life.

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lead / hose selection guide 

Not sure which lead you are in need of? Well we have good news for you. Weldcoa built an in-depth lead configurator for both charging and discharging flexible leads to help you pick a safe, appropriate option.

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Rigid Metal Leads 100x100pixels

rigid metal leads

For decades, Weldcoa has offered a wide variety of high quality Rigid Metal Leads. Their low cost compared to flexible leads have made them an economical choice for a number of applications.

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Lead Testing 100x100pixels

product testing and cleaning details

Quality control methods and meticulous attention to detail ensure that our customers will receive a leak-free lead.

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Lead Maintenance 100x100pixels

lead maintenance suggestions

Weldcoa offers some common practice maintenance suggestions for your lead and hoses. Be Safe and Proactive.

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Easily Order What You Need For The Specific Weldcoa Equipment You Already Have.  Simply, Fast and Efficient.

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warranty details

Weldcoa takes safety and quality very seriously. We have warranty policies in place to stick to our word and reputation.

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manifold options

In need of a replacement gas pack manifold and leads? Weldcoa offers a wide variety to fit your specific gas application. 

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