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Weldcoa is an innovative manufacturer located in Aurora, IL that focuses on products to store, transport and fill compressed gas cylinders.                                      We provide process improvement solutions throughout the fill plant and will be with you throughout the entire implementation process and beyond, giving you the  long-term support for years to come.  Best of all, they are all made and stocked in the USA.


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Cylinder Gas Packs, Pallets, Trucks and Storage

Cylinder Gas Packs, Manifolds, Leads (Pigtails), Pallets, Palletized Truck Bodies and Trailers, Storage Racks, Sorting Decks and more...

Industrial Gas Equipment and Automation

Palletized Fill Systems, Traversing Fill Systems, Control Panels, Fill Racks, Medical Fill Racks, Liquid Fill Systems, Tube Trailer Stanchions and more....

Specialty Gas Equipment and Automation

High Integrity Prep Systems, Bake Out Ovens, Automatic and Manual Fill Systems, Helium Purifiers, Analytical Lab Equipment/ Automation and more...

Cryogenic Pump Equipment and Automation

Cryogenic Pumps, Pump Protection Automation,  Emergency Stop/Start Stations, Storage Tube Control Systems, Vaporizers and more...
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Supporting the Cylinder Gas Industry Since 1968

Founder Richard Bennett created Weldcoa
 to support his Gas & Welding Distributorship, Benster Welding, in 1968. 

Today, Weldcoa’s patented automated systems are considered the Global Leader in both Next-Step Technology and Long-Term Reliability. Weldcoa’s patented Pallet System has grown into the most widely used system in North America.

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Team of Experienced Professionals

Purchasing a Weldcoa product opens the door for you to access our deep bench of seasoned industry experts. Our experts spent years in the field dealing with the exact same issues that you are facing today. Having problems with a pump, a valve, a bulk tank? Become a Weldcoa client and gain access to our knowledgeable team.


Long Term Partners and Support

Weldcoa doesn’t want to be your vendor of the day. We partner with our clients in order to provide real long term value. Weldcoa only succeeds when you do.    

In-Stock, 48-Hour Shipping

In today’s business world, we are all living on Amazon time. Clients expect quick access to what they want to purchase. Weldcoa is here to support you in your struggle against big box and online retailers.  Contact us today to learn about our in-stock program.




Cylinder Gas Industry Leaders

We have worked hard for 49 years to become the industry leader, and our track record is second to none. We’ve developed more new technologies and processes than all of our competitors combined.

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Weldcoa only succeeds when you do

Weldcoa doesn’t want to be your vendor of the day.  We partner with our clients in order to provide real long term value.