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compressed gas and cryogenic liquids are critical to Just About every industry in the world, Every day.

The safety and process control of those molecules during filling, analyzing, and/or distribution is just as critical. That’s where we come in.

Whether you are supplying bulk gas direct into equipment, filling compressed gas cylinders that are used for multitudes of gas applications, transporting those filled cylinders throughout your community or you are performing the functions that require the use of compressed gas, you play a critical role in your industry, everyday.

Our expertise spans endless gas applications, over many decades and it touches hundreds of industries around the world. From reliable fleet equipment to large scale, fully-automated systems, we offer the highest quality services and products to make the connection anywhere in between bulk gas supply and the end user.


Focused on Your Success

Everything we do is driven by our motivation to improve your business. 

  • Improved safety
  • Increased productivity
  • Ensured long-term performance
  • Gained competitive advantage
  • Maximized ROI

Our track record of success can be measured by the long-term performance of our equipment, and the repeat business we have received from so many of our clients. 

A U.S. Manufacturer with a Modern Manufacturing Mindset:

We’ve adapted to a new society, with a new way of working, in order to meet new expectations. We’re better, stronger, and will respond with greater agility. More than ever before, we are committed to delivering quality, uniformed, reliable products and services that will support the success of your business.

All of our automation and equipment is proudly made in the USA.



What Makes Weldcoa Different?

Our wide range of state-of-the art USA manufacturing capabilities ensure that the products and services you depend on are of the highest quality, and will be there when you need them, time and time again. 

We’ve adapted to a new way of working, in order to meet new expectations. We’re better, stronger, and will respond with greater agility. More than ever before, we are committed to delivering quality, Made in the USA products and services, that you can always depend on, and that will contribute to the success of your business.


Made in USA iconA U.S.-based manufacturer located in the heart of the Midwest, Weldcoa is defined by: 


For over 55 years we have made it our mission to support the compressed gas industry. From palletization to specialty gas filling and automation, we have continually innovated solutions that have reshaped our industry.

Today, industries throughout the world rely on our expertise to provide solutions for their compressed gas and cryogenic needs.

Our Team of Industry Experts:

Weldcoa boasts an elite team of engineers, automation programmers and field technicians. They truly enjoy investigating, learning, developing, testing and creating solutions for any application of gas. Our cross-disciplinary team brings in-depth knowledge of gases to every project. You can count on their passion and full commitment to make your project a success.

Advanced Technologies and Automation: 

 We’re proven problem solvers with vast experience in the automation of processes that incorporate compressed gases, liquids and supercritical fluids.

Our team takes the time to understand your manufacturing environment and design a solution that meets, and often exceeds, the objectives.

When you choose to automate your gas systems with Weldcoa you can rest assured that you will be investing in the most reliable gas automation in the market today.

An Unwavering Commitment to Your Success: 

Overseeing a process that may have never been performed before can be a challenge. Our project management team can help minimize headaches and eliminate the unknowns associated with greenfield projects, facility upgrades, and equipment transitions.

We have decades of experience helping businesses just like yours transform from what was to what will be.

With Weldcoa, You’ll Discover the Value of Having an Expert Partner to Help Guide You Every Step of the Way

Why Weldcoa?

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Our commitment to the industry runs deep. We understand that in order to provide solutions that will make your business perform better we need to not only understand your business, but the industry as a whole. We believe in and share the industry priorities of safety, compliance, education and leadership.

And we are driven to constantly contribute to the industry with innovations that have the greatest impact on your success. You can expect our continued involvement in the industry and an ever-growing contribution to our shared future.