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American Welding & Gas

man using a control panel to fill gas cylinders at a American Welding & Gas filling plant

American Welding & Gas: Custom Fit Automation Ensures a Competitive Edge.


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 Palletization and Custom Filling Automation

American Welding & Gas chose Weldcoa to integrate palletization into their existing Indiana plant, and custom fit filling automation to meet their needs and budget. Expected ROI: 2-3 years.

It didn’t take long for AW&G to realize that Weldcoa was their ideal partner for transforming their existing fill plant into a palletized facility. What they didn’t realize was that they would get much more than they expected.

“We did a lot of research. Weldcoa listened to what we wanted and came up with an affordable package that allowed us to do automated filling,” explained Fred Seminik, General Manager.  “We knew automation was available, but it had been cost-prohibitive in the past.” Weldcoa chose to forego a traditional fill island in place of their Sur-Fill Modular Series filling automation system. The Modular Series provides different levels of automation that allow distributors  with any volume of filling to take advantage of automation. Modular Series options start with automatic shut-off, and progress to automated vent, vacuum and fill for straight and mixed gases.

The project was completed in January and the automation is already paying dividends. Employees can multi-task during fill cycles, handling has decreased significantly, saving time and money. And now the entire process is safe.

  • Convert fully-functioning, high-volume fill facility into palletized system while remaining in operation.
  • Find a way to boost efficiencies, and increase safety and  productivity on a limited budget.
  • Integrate filling automation into the facility.
  • Successfully complete the entire project on time and in  budget.

“It’s an ongoing battle to remain competitive in the marketplace. The more efficient you can become, the more competitive you will be.”    

Fred Seminik, General Manager, American Welding & Gas

  • Series 3 and 4 Modular Automation with overhead traversing fill heads.
  • Each fill head is equipped with 16 cylinder quick-connections, isolation valves and a cylinder cap rack.
  • Remote monitoring allows system observation from anywhere.
  • Auto shut-off eliminated flash losses on liquid fills.
  • Significant reduction in cylinder handling resulting in increased production and decreased labor.
  • Automation reduces training times.
  • Software guarantees quality and integrity of gases.
  • AW&G expects a return on investment in 2-3 years.


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