Story After Story, Our Customers Results Exceed Expectations

Cee Kay Supply Increases Purity, Accuracy and Consistency

One of Missouri’s Largest Independent Distributors Invests in a State-of-the-Art Fill Plant Cee Kay Supply’s history with automated cylinder filling dates back to 1997, when the St. Louis, MO, independent gas and welding-equipment supplier installed its first fill plant. Fast forward to 2014 and that semi-automatic island, updated with an equipment retrofit in 2005, had lost much its ability to perform reliably and consistently. Quality control had become an ongoing challenge, cross contamination a pesky, daily hurdle. Something had to change.
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The Butler Gas Specialty: Making Informed Decisions

  The Decision Process for Expanding a Specialty Gas Filling Operation The success of Butler Gas Products, a 65 year old, 3rd generation family business, can be credited directly to their ability to think and plan for the long-term.
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B&J Welding Supply

  Capitalizing on Tremendous Market Potential. Automated fill plant captures a rapidly growing market. B&J Welding Supply’s fifth and newest location in Midland, Texas exceeds all customer expectations as it takes on the gas market deep within the Permain Basin, the most prolific oil-producing region in the United States.
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American Welding & Gas: Custom Fit Automation Ensures a Competitive Edge.

   Palletization and Custom Filling Automation American Welding & Gas chose Weldcoa to integrate palletization into their existing Indiana plant, and custom fit filling automation to meet their needs and budget. Expected ROI: 2-3 years. It didn’t take long for AW&G to realize that Weldcoa was their ideal partner for transforming their existing fill plant into a palletized facility. What they didn’t realize was that they would get much more than they expected.
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